Why You Should Be Proud To Be An Introvert

For one of my classes this past year, we had to take personality tests as an introduction. All the tests gave me the result that I’m an INFJ. The “I” stands for introvert, the “N” for intuitive, the “F” for feeling, and the “J” for judging. I learned that my personality type makes up 1% of the population. I went into further research but the one that caught my attention the most was the “I.”

It’s no secret to me that I am shy and quiet when it comes to meeting new people and being in big groups. I started to feel bad because I took that as I’m antisocial and not outgoing. But, I started to go deeper and deeper into it and I found that being an introvert doesn’t even mean your shy and it isn’t a bad or negative thing.

Introverts, like myself, value our alone time and get drained of energy from being around other people. We tend to spend our time in thought and exploring feelings. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you have bad social skills and it doesn’t take away interactions with people. Introverts talk of concepts and ideas and are into more deeper conversations. Introverts aren’t bothered by silence and even find peace amongst it.They are very observative and notice little details. Although they tend to have fewer friends, the friendships are on a deeper level than most of the general population. Introverts are even known to be good listeners. You can always rely on an introvert to vent to because they are very attentive.

Research shows that most of the gifted population is made up of introverts.

So, no, being an introvert doesn’t make us shy, antisocial losers. Being an introvert makes us special in a way that is different than others. Yes, everyone is special in their own way, though. I take pride in being an introvert because I love what it means and how it perfectly relates to me. I like to think I’m a deep person with big thoughts and most of my friends wouldn’t be able to relate to me on that level. Introversion is nothing to be ashamed of and I am accepting that’s who I am (and you should too if you’re an introvert).


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