My Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

I’ve seen a couple of these kind of blogs and they inspired me to do my own! In the last year or two, I’ve really gotten into YouTube and watching vlogs. I love the fact that people do what they love despite how others may judge and criticize them. I am subscribed to A LOT of people on YouTube so making this list was really hard for me 🙂 They are all different in their own way and have different styles of filming and editing. All around there’s a good combo of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, life tips, hacks, etc.

Here’s my beloved top 10:

  1. Danielle Marie
  2. Aspyn Ovard 
  3. Aspyn + Parker
  4. Bethany Mota
  5. Claudia Sulewski
  6. Sierra Furtado 
  7. Tess Christine 
  8. Meghan Rienks
  9. Jeanine Amapola
  10. Danielle Mansutti

Let me know if y’all have YouTube channels or love any of these people as much as I do!! 



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