Vows to Myself This New Year

It’s official, 2016 has come to a close. It was filled with so many memories, new friendships, and ups and downs. As the new year has come, there are definitely things I want to change going into it. Instead of New Years Resolutions, I decided to call them vows. Resolutions are often lost over time or forgotten, but vows are promises and commitment. Here are my vows to myself for the year of 2017:

  1. I vow to spend less time on social media creating a picture perfect life.
  2. I vow to devote myself to getting to know Jesus more and further my relationship with Him. 
  3. I vow to remove any toxic and negative people from my life.
  4. I vow to focus more on the positives of a situation than dwell on the bad. 
  5. I vow to let go and forgive anything I’ve been holding onto with other people and myself as well.
  6. I vow to not worry what other people think of me and to not care what people are judging me for.
  7. I vow to only surround myself with people who uplift me and make me happy.
  8. I vow to stop the negative self-talk and toxic thoughts.
  9. I vow to stop fearing the unknown and live life day by day.
  10. I vow to take better care of myself for my health.
  11. I vow to always remind the ones I love how I feel so they never have to doubt it.
  12. I vow to say yes to any and every adventure that comes my way (within reason). 
  13. I vow to love myself unconditionally and know my worth.
  14. I vow to be slow to anger over things that won’t even matter in the end. 
  15. I vow to wake up everyday and thank God for giving me another day on this Earth. 

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